An epic tale, a modern twist, two voices, four feet and eight strings.



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Debs & Laurel are Associate Artists of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Under Her Skin is supported with public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Setting an ancient selkie (seal people) folktale firmly in the here and now, Under Her Skin is a live experience of joyful irreverence, poetic imagery and killer riffs.


With just two performers and no set except for a very characterful double bass, a whole world is created: from a quiet cove on the north coast to rush hour in Whitechapel; from a dysfunctional family who have lost their way to a disgruntled crow who has lost its rag!


Masterfully crafted yet with no set script, Under Her Skin is an exciting, constantly evolving piece; each night brings something surprising and new.


Debs and Laurel's dynamic performance storytelling and effusive dance and music propel this powerful tale to a moving conclusion in a unique and unforgettable live event.